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Vertical Fence

The Slipfence Vertical Fence system was specifically designed to provide the strength and endurance of Aluminum with the warmth and beauty of wood.By Combining 3” Square Aluminum Fence posts and two custom designed top and bottom rails or “ stringers" with regular size fence boards that slip easily in through the stringers and are available at most home improvement centres across North America, the result is a residential yard fence that has the warmth and privacy of a natural wood fence but the framework will not warp, crack, lean, nor rot. If and when the wood fence boards become weathered and require replacing they can easily be slipped out of the framework and new ones slipped in for a brand new looking fence without having to set new posts in Concrete.For added appeal just attach the Slipfence Aluminum Cap Rail onto the top of the finished panel for a nice, clean, finished, look on the top of your fence panels.


  • 24 Fence boards are required to create an 8 foot wide fence panel and one board for each end of each panel needs to be ripped in half.
  • This Vertical system requires the Fence boards to have a thickness of 5/8” to  3/4” thick and no wider than 5.75” wide.
  • Slipfence Vertical system requires the posts to be set spaced out at 8’ centres.
  • An 8’ high Vertical fence can be create by using one extra Stringer per panel for added strength to carry the added weight of the longer fence boards.
  • The 8’ high Slipfence Vertical fence takes 24 eight foot long Fence boards.
  • A  7’ high Vertical fence panel can be also created using only 2 Stringers and 8’ long fence boards but the centre stabilizing board method explained in the instructions should be used to prevent any stringer sag before cutting down the 8 foot boards to 7 foot height.